Build AIs as dynamic as your business

Orca enables your team to build dynamic, powerful AIs that can quickly adapt to new information and shifting business requirements. Avoid the headaches and expense of constant retraining without compromising the sophistication and quality of your models.

Orca's Impact


AI and ML teams get to focus on technical innovations rather than simply managing technical debt.

Reduced compute needs

With less retraining dedicated to simply updating your model, you can lower your organization's compute spend and hardware needs.

Greater safety and control

Increase safety and control over your models by eliminating the irrelevant, unsafe or unwanted data inherent in large language models.

Improved accuracy

Improve model accuracy by instantaneously adding or updating your models when new data emerges.

How We Do This

Orca's tools combine an AI model's functionality with an independent dataset to derive outputs. With this structure, the model is no longer monolithically dependent on training data.

Once your data and functionality are independent, Orca allows you to immediately see how your model generates outputs and correct your AIs when they create unexpected outputs. No more guessing-and-checking or repetitive retraining required.

Complete transparency into your model

Orca tracks every memory accessed for each model run, providing total transparency into how your model generated each output

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Instantly update models, no retraining required

Orca's Curate tool also allows you to instantly update memories to correct for errors, make proactive updates or adapt models to new business requirements and new clients' data.

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Focus on innovation, not maintainence

ML and AI teams spend too much of their time maintaining static models, limiting your ability to meet customer demand. Instead of continuing to grow your team, adding more complexity and costs, allow your current team to be more efficient with Orca.

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Maintain accuracy over time

Orca-enabled models generate outputs from independent, updatable datasets instead of training data embedded in the model. When the world changes, simply edit specific data and ensure your model remains up to date.

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